Job Application

A Career in Home Healthcare

Home healthcare is one of today’s fastest-growing business sectors – a multibillion-dollar industry that is expected to grow exponentially into the next decade. It is an industry with the resources to provide unparalleled opportunity for establishing a long and stable career.

Great Healthcare Has Come Home

Premier Elite Care brings clinically advanced treatment to patients right where they live. Caring for many patients every single day affords us the opportunity to create best practices and develop them into industry-leading protocols and specialties. With Premier Elite Care's help, many patients are able to shorten their hospital stay, recover more quickly, and play a more active role in their own treatment.

Making a Difference

For clinicians, homecare provides a unique opportunity to deliver on the promise that led them to a career in healthcare in the first place. Providing care in the patient's home is a personal, one-to-one experience that other healthcare jobs can't match. Allowing the clinician to focus on the specific needs of the patient without other distractions is something that patients, family members and the clinicians themselves can really appreciate.

Who is an ideal home health clinician for Premier Elite Care?  Someone who:

  • Finds providing the personal attention to patients rewarding
  • Enjoys working with a variety of diagnosis to help patients live a full life with more independence
  • Finds reward in watching a patient progressing to a much better health and knowing that they were a part of making that happen
  • Enjoys one to one focused patient attention; teaching patients about their diagnosis and symptoms
  • Has strong clinical skills, including the ability to assess patients for subtle changes
  • Keeps accurate and timely charts/paperwork
  • Has strong time management and organizational skills

The Right Team.  The Right Path.

At Premier Elite Care, we value collaboration. That's why we apply a team concept to everything we do. Even when clinicians are treating patients one-to-one in their homes, they have the support and skill of their fellow clinicians, program directors and administrators behind them.  

At Premier Elite Care, you are part of a strong company and a strong team.  View our job application if you are ready to take your career in a new direction.